SEO Case Study: 30,000 to 300,000 Page Views in 8 Months for Media Company in Singapore

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seo case study singapore news food oogle analytics results

A local media company that focuses on news and lifestyle wishes to gain more traffic in Singapore in order to boost readership and traffic. Traffic for the website was not growing much despite publishing new articles regularly.

After doing a deep SEO audit and Google Analytics audit, I realized a couple of issues with the SEO structure of the website that is preventing the website from gaining traffic. Below are the main issues that need to be fixed.

  • Titles were not SEO optimized
  • URLs was not SEO optimized
  • Articles were not SEO optimized
  • Poor topics of articles written
  • Lack of a strategy to increase traffic
  • Lack of backlinks


Each article needs a main keyword to rank and I worked with the writers to identify the main keywords for each article in order to optimize it. It was then added to titles and urls to make it SEO optimized. Some of the articles have to be edited in order to increase the keyword density.

To grow the traffic, I suggested to write more about food. I noticed articles on food were gaining a lot of traffic and ranking well in Google during my Google Analytics audit. Using my keyword research tool, I created a list of keywords that the writers can write, focusing on keywords with less competition in order to gain traffic fast. The list includes food, lifestyle and other niche topics that can help make the content more diverse and interesting.

The published articles were than shared on social media platforms to make it go viral. Link bait contents were also suggested to attract backlinks.


After 8 months of optimizing the website and articles it grew from 30,000+ page views in April to 300,000+ page views in November. The SERPs has start to increase and articles are starting to rank in top 10 positions for competitive keywords. The writers were also trained on how to write SEO articles and the website is getting more backlinks than before.